"These paintings are spiritual. The distance and space in her work calls to something inside of us which is familiar; yet far away and unknowable.  It is the way she establishes the formal design elements that makes these reveries possible.

She seems to ask if we can abide in such a space, the space of the unknown, and just be. It is the heart of spirituality and the power of these paintings."

Tom Morris - Professor of Fine Art, Corcoran College of Art and Design


After years in commercial art, Nancy Baker shifted to painting directly from nature and into creating art that was purely her own. In the twenty years since, she has raised five daughters, become and accomplished fine artist and moved to the Maine coast for its tranquility and harsh, yet always dramatic beauty that provides endless inspiration for her work.

Baker paints primarily in oil – fully engaging the medium’s range of intense color to transparent glazes. At times, pastel is her chosen medium for its airy and translucent character. John Singer Sargent, John Twachtman, Winslow Homer, Fairfield Porter and Edward Hooper have all influenced her work. Their dramatic use of light, inventive compositions and poetic, emotionally charged subjects inspire her.

Baker has studied professionally at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Lyme Art Academy, Yellow Barn Studio, and completed a residency at the Vermont Studio Center.

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